MFT Challenge Disc

MFT Challenge Disc

client: TST Trend Sport Trading GmbH

Strength and endurance alone are not enough! With Challenge Disc the company TST is offering a unique training device, that allows fine-grained training of those small muscles which surround and protect the joints. The benefit: Optimized coordination leads to better performance and more health in shorter time!

The "Challenge Disc" consists of a circular platform that is attached by an elastic central joint to a fixed base plate and is equipped with an inclination sensor. The tilting of the unstable platform must be quickly balanced out by systematic movements - daily movements are perfectly simulated.

Together with TST, COORDI, the software running the Challenge Disc was developed. COORDI features multiple programs for training to enhance fitness and body awareness.

NEW: Apart from Windows and Mac OS X, COORDI is now available for mobile devices running Android or iOS, too! The software supports the USB version as well as the new wireless Bluetooth Low Energy version of the Challenge Disc!