individual software for individual clients

Multimedia Applications

Our expertise in the field of rich multimedia applications is as wide-ranging as the way the term "multimedia" itself can be interpreted and applied.
Some examples include:

  • user interface- and screen-design
  • interactive applications for the Internet
  • apps for mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • visualization of complex work flows in 3D
  • stereoscopic applications (virtual- & augmented-reality)
  • games that provide and enhance knowledge (info- & edutainment)
  • applications for sports (for the benefit of increased health & fitness)
  • planing and realization of interactive installations for events, exhibitions and museums

Software Development and Consulting

  • You have an idea for a new project and are looking for someone to make it happen?
  • You want to use a new technology, but you don't know the pros and cons?
  • Your in-house software gets more and more features as it grows...
    but so do complexity and failure rate?
  • Your web presence is too slow...
    and simply adding more hardware doesn't achieve the desired effect?

We are helping you in conducting large and small software projects of all kind, by implementing these projects and by providing advisory support.