individual clients deserve individual solutions

From the Project to the Product

Every project is unique, each customer has specific requirements. Therefore it is very important for us as to listen carefully and to become an expert in the scope of the particular application under collaboration and guidance from our customers. Gradually, step-by-step a common perception on the project is formed - an essential ground for creating a successful product!

During this process two complementary approaches are applied - i.e. the project is viewed from two different angles:

Creative Perspective
By supporting you during the conception and planning phase, new ideas will come to life, which might spawn new possibilities you have not thought of.
Analytical Perspective
We get to the point, and work in a focused and efficient way on implementing the project.

Whereas the creative point of view gives birth to many new ideas, analytical reasoning concentrates them down to the essence. Our strength lies in combining these often opposed poles to form a coherent integrated concept.

Depending on scale and type, projects will be conducted in close cooperation with partners and specialists from different fields of expertise, including: software development, graphics and design, planning, consulting and project management.

The Foundation

The company "DI Stefan Hynst - Software + Multimedia Development" was founded in 2011.

Before that Stefan Hynst was working as a research fellow on the Vienna University of Technology (where he also completed his Master in Computer Science), as well as in the companies "CSC Austria" and "Imagination Computer Services GmbH" for a total of 12 years. Being able to work in different fields - as designer, software developer, technical consultant and project manager - he could gain practical experience in numerous interesting projects.